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A specialized cryptocurrency for the real estate. * MEYCOIN App is an application used for the meycoin website, which is under the administration of Mey Pioneer company. * Allowing users to manage many wallets, which applies to different platforms and devices simply. * MEYCOIN can connect to the popular cryptocurrency payment portal such as BTC, ETH, USDT... * Helping investors store and buy/sell, exchange MEY easily - rapidly - securely. * MEYCOIN App supplies 2FA security features via Email, SMS, and Google authentication. All users' data is highly encrypted on our storage system. Your information is not published or disclosed for any other purpose without your consent. However, we have prerogative to collect and supply your data for the in-required-case of the host Government without any forewarning. * We create MEYCOIN App to supply a specific platform for digitalization, payment and trading activities in the Real Estate ecosystem. Allow transferring USD between accounts using Tron network (TRC20) Launching new bonus module, allowing users to participate and complete challenge to get free Meycoins Launching referral program to get free Meycoins Overall system performance and stability improvements. Earning meycoin 1.Referral bonus 15$ (meycoin) 2.daily bonus 0.25$ (meycoin) 3.sign up bonus 3$(meycoin) 4.telegram bonus (on process) 5.group creative bonus (on process)


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