2 Million Subscribers Special | Top 10 Most Amazing Animal Moments of All Time! Incredible Footage


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This is a special clip to celebrate our 2 million subscribers. I Thank GOD for all the good in my life! The clip features the top 10 moments of all times including a caracal leaps 15 feet into the air to snatch a flying guinea fowl, a leopard amazingly drops 30 feet out of the air to grab a impala gazelle, a classic battle between a rattlesnake and a red tailed hawk, a giant trevally fish snatches a bird right out of the air, a band of cheetahs hunt ostrich in a spectacular high-speed chase, an incredible battle between a lightning fast mongoose and a deadly cobra snake, bobcat takes out a mule-deer many times its size in an incredible attack, a golden eagle attacks a mountain goat and carries it of a cliff, and more incredible footage of animals attack that if not for it being filmed nobody would believe it happened. Amazing footage. Enjoy!


    Geshy House . 2 months ago

    Magali Sanches . 2 months ago