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Nothing to Hold


I made it out of bed today
Which is more than I can usually say
I'm trying to escape this
Place that I have found myself in
You may think I'm losing my mind
Or than I'm disconnected
From everything that you hold true
But this isn't about you

I've been telling myself
I'm getting ready for this

I'm fine I swear
It's just a bump in the road
I'm getting up from this
Faster than you know
Please just don't tell me that
I need to get a grip
Because there's nothing too hold
And I'm trying to let go

I'm waking up to the sun
But did I ever go to sleep
All these thoughts that circle in my mind
Make good things harder to find
I feel like I'm drowning
Or loosing my footing
As hard as I may try
I can't find the silver lining

I keep telling myself
That I'm ready for this

I'm seeing cracks again
I thought I'd fixed them all
I worked so hard
Just to watch it fall
I'm caving in
But staying strong
And honestly
I wasn't ready for this