you're worth more! whats REALLY between your goals & how Personal Development +Self Improvement help


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Why a digital business is essential for the future & how it can turn you into a NEW RICH, you've learned in the last video, today we will take a look at what's keeping you away from your life goals and why it's also the reason for so much suffer, pain & burnout syndromes. We will show you how to avoid the biggest mistakes people do when it comes to adopting the digital entrepreneur lifestyle and how to leave the rat race behind for a successful life that makes sense & feels good. Changing your daily routines, avoiding false dopamine triggers and leaving the comfort zone is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personal development and self-improvement. Let us together make big changes in your life and bring you forward to finally reach the dream life you always desired.

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00:00​ Introduction

00:30​ The current situation

02:02​ The reason for your rat race

03:31​ Where this all comes from

04:01​ Our own experience

05:19​ The shocking truth

05:58​ What has change

06:50​ What we can do for you

07:45​ What still blocks you

08:41​ What you get on top

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Exit Impulse! escape your 9 to 5, travel the whole world & earn more a month as others per year! With us, you've finally found the perfect community to reach your life goals. Together we will create your first location independent, steady growing- digital business & this much easier than working hard 40 hours every week in a 9-5 job! With our online business concepts, you'll get the chance to enter the billion-dollar market of "making online money" & learn how to generate several, big passive incomes from pretty everywhere around the globe, as a digital entrepreneur. Leaving the comfort zone, switching your mindset into a fulfilling one & the possibility to travel the whole world as a digital nomad is only the cherry on top. We're more than a successful entrepreneur couple, we also travel & adventure obsessed VLOGgers who've left their old lives full of false security, german routine & regular career paths behind to present & teach you the most relaxed entry into a different lifestyle!


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