15 Sad Realities of Being A Professional Ballet Dancer


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Being a ballet dancer may look glamorous, but the reality is often anything but. There are some dark secrets professional ballerinas do their best to keep hidden and there are some strict rules they’re expected to follow if they want to make it to the top. Everyone knows these performers need special shoes, but you might be surprised how much they cost and how many of them they go through. It’s a huge time commitment so some dancers opt for private boarding schools. It’s an expensive art, made worse by a gender pay gap and a meager average salary. To make matters worse, most are forced into an early retirement because of foot problems or other serious issues regarding their physical and mental health. Many performers suffer from eating disorders at surprisingly young ages and an emphasis on perfection can lead to severe depression. Inside the life of a pro ballet dancer is incredibly challenging, but many can’t imagine living any other way because they’re so passionate about their profession. Most have been involved in the lifestyle since they were children and the art is all they know.

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