Presentation of the Video Advertising service at SurfEarner


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Greetings from the SurfEarner team! In this video we will tell you about the Video Advertising service and how you can get customers using it. We will show you how it works, tell you about the possibilities of the service and clearly show how to add and set up ads. SurfEarner is a large number of real people who are behind your computers and ready to watch your video right now. These are people who confidently own a computer, are interested in making money on the Internet, use electronic wallets, regularly make purchases in online stores and actively participate in partner programs. According to Yandex.Metrica data, 94% of SurfEarner users are men (80%) and women ( 20%) from 25 years of predominantly using SurfEarner from desktop computers. The peculiarity of SurfEarner video ads is that users watch your video with pleasure, because they get paid for watching it! The viewer is already loyal to your video before watching it and is ready to watch it. Unlike TV, there is no surprise effect from the sudden appearance of ads and the viewer's attention will be focused on your video. Get access to the SurfEarner user audience! Learn more and take action right now: https : // SurfEarner - your direct access to thousands of users interested in making money on the Internet. By the way, if you know who else needs video advertising, then feel free to recommend SurfEarner to them and make money on a powerful 10-level affiliate program!