Artery.Network-инновационный блокчейн проект

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Briefly about the company's earnings

Two types of earnings:
1. Liability
- Delegation of ARTR coins with a yield of up to 25% per month

The percentage of your reward depends on the size of the delegated steak.
Accruals every 24 hours.

2. Active
- Activated (paid) TARIFF
in the amount equivalent to $25 per month,

gives the user access to all 5 ways to earn money

and gives you access to products and an affiliate program.

‼️ ‼️ ‼️ ‼️ If you do not want to pay the tariff, but you want to earn with ARTERY,

then you can simply delegate (send to deposit) ARTR coins and receive income from 16% to 25% monthly + earn on the growth of the coin rate.