How to Get Subscribers on YouTube Quickly

If you’re looking for ways to get more subscribers on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, we’ll explore how to get new subscribers on YouTube, grow your YouTube channel quickly, the YouTube algorithm, strategies for getting more subscribers, and tips for converting viewers to subscribers. 

We’ll also touch on some of the latest trends in YouTube subscriber growth so you can stay ahead of the curve!

By following the advice in this article, you can find the best ways to get more subscribers on YouTube and start growing your channel quickly. Let’s get started!

Best Way to Get New Subscribers on YouTube

First, let’s talk about the absolute most important way to get new subscribers on YouTube: Making quality, entertaining content.

This may seem obvious, but it really is what you should focus on when trying to grow your channel. Many of these tricks will help you get people to see your content– but if they don’t like what they see, it will all be pointless!

There are over 500 hours of content uploaded to the site every minute. Why should people watch your content in particular?

Know Your Audience

Decide on your target audience. You should have a fairly good idea of who you’re making content for. 

Are you making tutorials for tech nerds? Crafty DIY ideas for home decor enthusiasts? Know your audience so that you can tailor your channel and content toward them!

Once you know who you’re making content for, focus on ensuring it’s of a high quality.

Work with a Script

Write scripts for your videos, even if they only have loose bullet points. You want your content to be concise, entertaining, and without awkward pauses or rambling. 

The goal is to have your audience engaged for as much of your video as possible. Any moments where they’re bored or uninterested are moments where they may stop watching.

Equip Yourself

A good camera and microphone will make sure your footage and audio are of high quality. Nobody likes crackly audio or fuzzy video footage! Check this article to help you get started with the equipment.

Research your equipment and know how to use it, and invest some time into learning how to use editing software to really improve the quality of your content.

You can also purchase a green screen, tripod, or studio lights to upgrade your video quality. All of these will make your content more pleasant to watch.

Recording at 1080p or higher improves viewer experience. It also raises your videos’ value in the YouTube algorithm, since it favors higher quality content.

Review and Edit

Finally, make sure to review your work before you upload it. You don’t want sound, video, or content issues to make it through to your viewers!

Make content you’re proud of and that people want to watch. 

Use editing, recording, and audio equipment to make your videos stylish and fun to watch. Keep content original and, most importantly, remain aware of your audience and what they want to watch.

Growing Your Channel Quickly

So, let’s discuss some methods for growing your YouTube channel quickly.

How Often Should You Upload Content?

One of the biggest variables that impact your channel’s growth is upload frequency.

Social Media Examiner found that channels that uploaded more than once a week performed, on average, much better than those who didn’t. 

Make a schedule for uploads and stick to it. This makes the algorithm happy and consistency helps your audience.

Each time you upload, subscribers will get a notification. This brings viewers back to your channel for the new video.

Self-Promotion is the Key!

Promote your videos wherever possible. This can be done on your blog, or through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Link your channel or videos, and add captions that draw people to actually watch them. 

You can also share your videos on forums and in niche communities. Reddit is a great site for this, as is bookmarking site Stumble Upon.

However: Make sure your video is relevant to the discussion and adds to the thread!

People in these communities don’t appreciate cheap advertising tactics, so be genuine in your attempts to share content. Don’t just shove a link in every thread.

Collaborate with Other Creators

Reach out to other YouTubers with similar channel themes and ask about collaborations. 

Most often, this involves appearing on one another’s channels for a video, as well as cross-promotion and backlinks. You could even post two halves of the same video on your respective channels!

Forming partnerships with influencers can also be lucrative. If they agree to promote your videos on their social media, it can really boost your channel.

Using Thumbnails for Success

A big thing to consider is your thumbnails. As these are the first thing a viewer will see of your video, this is the main thing that’ll draw them in. 

Thumbnails should be interesting, cohesive across your channel, and make the viewer want to know more. You can even include questions that are answered in the video, encouraging the viewer to click.

Grab Your Viewers Fast!

Once a viewer has clicked, you need to grab their attention as immediately as possible. The first 10 seconds of your video are essential. 

The beginning of your video should be interesting, entertaining and draw the viewer in. A lot of YouTubers add a snippet from one of their best moments in the video here, giving the viewer a taste of what to come. 

The internet is full of distractions. You want to lock your viewer in as soon as possible.

Utilize Trends

Strategically make use of current trends in your content but make sure they’re relevant to your normal content. 

Pay attention to popular games, movies, internet trends, and current news and try to include references in your content. This is an easy way to grab more attention from viewers.

Get in with YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are another excellent way to get people to discover you. 

Created in 2021, shorts are now viewed about 6.5 million times a day. Short form, vertical videos that can be posted directly to your YouTube channel, they can either be completely new content or clips from your videos.

Exercise Caution

One thing we’d like to highlight is that you should be wary of Grow Quick or buy subscribers schemes.

These may seem like easy ways to grow your channel but usually consist of inactive or bot subscribers that add nothing to your engagement or view counts. 

YouTube cuts down on bots and schemes like this regularly, so they could put your entire channel at risk. It’s not only unethical, but also not worth the risk. 

Understanding the YouTube Algorithm and How To Use It

The YouTube algorithm can be a fickle thing. You should have some basic understanding of how it works if you want to seriously try to grow your channel.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is keywords. These are the central feature of many algorithm decisions on YouTube, and can make all the difference in how often your videos are recommended. 

Aim to optimize your videos as much as possible using keywords. This includes using relevant and researched keywords in video descriptions, titles, tags as well as channels about pages and other areas. 

You should also add timestamps and links to your video descriptions, since these both improve your standing in SEO and make your videos more accessible to viewers.

Perfectly optimizing the meta tags of your video is an art form that really needs an entire article of its own. 

It’s worth researching thoroughly if you want to really optimize your video SEO performance. In brief, you should include as many (relevant) tags as you can, focusing on what a user may search for.

Having a captivating, interesting thumbnail will help make users want to click and find out more. It should maximize the potential of the content.

Another way to boost your video’s SEO ranking is by including captions. These are uploaded as a separate file or can be created using YouTube tools. 

Some editing software even has auto-captioning based on speech-to-text tools. This also makes your content more accessible for the hearing impaired, or those watching videos on mute.

Finally, make sure to use playlists to your advantage. Playlists are a great tool to utilize as once one video finishes, another of your videos will automatically start paying. This makes it easy for viewers to binge-watch content, which is great for your stats.

Strategies to Get More Subscribers

A major way to get new subscribers is by adding a quality trailer to your channel. These videos sit on the front page of your channel homepage and play automatically when someone clicks on your page.

Your trailer should be short and sweet and show people what to expect from your videos, either through clips or a direct pitch from you. There should be calls to action to subscribe or watch more.

Be sure to design your channel so that it’s recognisable, attractive, and matches your content. Include a logo and defined branding so that your brand is recognisable.

Over time,be sure to clean up your channel regularly. Update its look and delete videos that are out of date, of poor quality, or no longer relevant to your content. Try to keep a consistent quality across your entire collection of videos.

Finally, pay attention to your in-video setup, especially your clothing and background. Try to match these things to your content. 

Think about what you want to convey with your clothes and surroundings, most importantly, your values, interests, expertise and personality. All of these will help your audience connect with you, which should always be your goal.

Converting Viewers into Subscribers

So, someone has decided to watch your video, maybe even a couple. How do you get them to hit that Subscribe button rather than clicking away and forgetting about you?

There are a few different ways to do this, but the most important is creating a feeling of engagement. This is often achieved by directly addressing your viewers. Thank them for watching and direct them to more of your content. 

You can also engage with comments by liking or replying. This rewards your viewers for engaging with you and your content. It should feel like a conversation.

Create specific calls to action: ask people for feedback, or maybe even answer specific questions in the comments.

If people give you constructive feedback, take it to heart and try to improve wherever possible. You’ll be rewarded by creating a positive and trusted relationship with your viewers.

Live streams are another great way to strengthen the relationship with your viewers. Livestreaming allows you to interact with viewers in real time, something which is impossible in pre-recorded content.


In order to successfully grow your YouTube audience quickly you’ll want to make sure you’re:

  • Making content people want to watch
  • Paying attention to the algorithm
  • Understanding what makes videos popular
  • Connecting with your viewers as much as possible.

YouTube can be a hard site to build a presence on, mostly because of how oversaturated it has become. 

However, if you work hard to make quality content and pay attention to these aspects, you can find success on YouTube. Be patient, pay attention to your viewers, and stay passionate about your content. 

Most of all, enjoy what you make. If you find your content boring and frustrating to create, your viewers will probably feel the same way.

Good luck!




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