Play To Earn : Your Ultimate Guide to Crypto Gaming Platforms

Imagine transforming your gaming hours into profitable investments. Welcome to the extraordinary world of blockchain gaming where you can earn while you play, thanks to the merging metaverse, Web3, and GameFi.

In this innovative frontier, we experience not just games, but thriving digital societies, economies, and ecosystems powered by the decentralized principles of blockchain. These blockchain games serve as powerful expressions of digital art, entertaining pastimes, and lucrative investments. They break the boundaries of traditional gaming, creating an immersive Web3 metaverse where players can truly own in-game assets and profit from their virtual endeavors, giving birth to the revolutionary GameFi model. Embark on this journey as we unravel the complexities, the thrill, and the opportunities that blockchain gaming offers. Welcome to the future of gaming – where every move you make could quite literally be a game-changer.

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? If so, Play To Earn games could be the perfect option. 

Instead of spending hours grinding away at boring tasks or surveys, you can have fun while still earning digital currency!

In this blog post, we will explore tips and strategies for making the most of your video game time, as well as discuss the best platforms available. 

Let’s take a look at how you can start playing to earn crypto today!

Best Platforms for Play-to-Earn Crypto

If you want to get involved in earning crypto through gaming you’ll need to get set up in the world of crypto, too. 

You will need the basic know-how in order to exchange in-game currency for a more widely accepted cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Sometimes you can even directly exchange it for a fiat currency like USD, and get cash straight to your bank account.

Let’s briefly look at the things you’ll need to know about when getting set up in the crypto world: Your wallet type, and your wallet provider.

There is 2 main type of crypto wallet, Cold or hot wallets:

  • Cold wallet are Hardware wallet or paper wallet.

Usually a hardware wallet comes in the form of a USB stick or hard drive. 

Depending on the brand you choose, it will be compatible with more or less forms of crypto. Trezor, for example, supports around a thousand crypto currencies, while Ledger supports more than 1200 crypto. 

These are the must to secure your crypto holding, as long as you don’t lose your seed phrase.
When you set up an hardware wallet, Never ever write your seed phrases digitaly. Write in on a paper, store it somewhere safe. Don’t take picture of it.
With that, you are safu.

We won’t talk about paper wallet here, as while it was considered earlier to be the most secure way to store your cryptocurrency, it is quite inconvenient now.  

  • Hot Wallet.

These store the private key of your wallet encrypted on your device or browser. While the most known is Metamask, there is a bunch of them like Coinbase Wallet or TrustWallet.

If you are planning on storing and exchanging large quantities of crypto, you should definitely invest in an hardware wallet.

Of these apps, the top five are either Coinbase, Metamask, Exodus, Atomic, and TrustWallet.

Although they all work for our purpose, I would suggest doing some research on these names to make sure you pick one that best suits your intentions. 

Earning Cryptocurrency through Gaming

The basic structure for earning crypto looks like this:

Choose A Main Game

Check the reviews. You’ll want to play a game with good longevity: This means it should be well-designed, beautiful, fun for the majority of players, and have room for growth. 

Even if you manage to ‘cash out’ from a game with no longevity before the value of its cryptocurrency collapses, you still have a bunch of time wasted that you spent learning the game. 

Additionally, a lot of crypto games come with NFT’s as well. If you have an NFT from a game that is growing in popularity, then the value of that NFT will grow too! 

Choose Side Games

There are a bunch of crypto games that reward you for completing daily quests, or for competing in regular, scheduled tournaments. 

Pick a couple of these, and work them into your daily routine. 

Amass Your Winnings Into A Secure Crypto Wallet

Put all your winnings either into a crypto investment that you think might pay off, or into a stablecoin like Tether if you just plan on turning it into USD. This way, you won’t lose your winnings with the volatility of the crypto market. 

Try to do this every couple of days or so, to minimize transaction fees. 

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings in Play-to-Earn Games

By now, you should have chosen your game or games, and your wallet, and are looking for some help maximizing your earnings. 

Here’s a few tips on how to build your own strategy:

Always Play To The Meta 

This means you need to do some research, find out what the best players already know, and copy them. 

If you do this correctly, you will have a starter’s account with the knowledge and skill of a veteran– and be more likely to get great results. 

Look up statistics, guides, and tournament results. There’s no reason not to be using the best strategies, builds, or decks– and don’t be scared of spending a little on setting yourself up with the best stuff! It will pay off in the long term by garnering you more consistent wins. 

When it comes to making crypto in games, consistent win rates is key, so make sure to do your research and use the best strategies. 

Don’t Be Scared Off By An Initial Monetary Investment

If you believe a game has longevity, then just go for it! 

However, if you take one thing from this blog post: Please never apply for scholarships

Scholarships were introduced in Axie Infinity for players living near the global poverty line. Unfortunately, they’re predatory businesses that rely on players being so destitute that they can’t afford the initial investment required to get into a game. 

Make no mistake: These are unregulated, predatory organizations that act like an employer, but with no employment laws whatsoever. They will take a disproportionate cut of your already meager earnings, and are never worth it. 

Be Consistent And Realistic

You shouldn’t be spending hours of every day gaming for money (unless you’re a streamer, of course). 

However, if you want to monetize a little of your spare time, try finding a game that doesn’t require too much grinding (especially one with daily quests or tournaments) and work it into your routine.

If you have days off you want to spend gaming, make sure you focus on how much you enjoy the game when selecting a crypto game. It will be hard to maintain consistent wins if playing just feels like a chore.

This will stop you from burning out, and make sure you are still having fun. When it comes to making crypto from playing video games, consistency over time is key. 

Choose The Right Game(S)

The results you’ll see from time spent in play-to-earn games depends in a large part on which games you’re playing. These games are usually easy to juggle. 

For example, you can collect crypto in ‘Coin Hunt World’ while you’re riding the bus. Then, do one of the daily tournaments in ‘Crypto Royale’, after which you can then grind and win some battles in ‘DeFi Kingdoms’ or ‘Gods Unchained’.

If you are playing the right games, you’ll have a chance at increasing your crypto holdings every time you log in!

Best Games to Earn Crypto

The monetary results you will see vary from one play-to-earn platform to another.For some, it depends on the game; for others, your skill level. 

Let’s quickly compile a list of the best play to earn games, and we can go over the pros and cons of each game, as well as how much money an average skill level and a highly skilled player can expect to earn!

(Notably, we won’t be including games that have a lucrative secondary market. For example, we won’t be looking at things like gold farming in World of Warcraft or Runescape. 

We also won’t be examining Esports account level boosting either, in games like NBA 2K’s career mode, League of Legends, or others. These are all great ways to make money whilst gaming, but they don’t deal directly with Crypto. They aren’t play-to-earn by design.)

Crypto Royale

Crypto Royale’ is really well monetized. It features its own cryptocurrency, ROY, which holds decent value and can easily be converted into other cryptocurrencies. 

One player on Reddit managed to make almost $60 in a single month, just by playing 3 different 10-minute tournaments per day. 

It’s an easy one to fit into your day, and should definitely be considered for someone getting into the play-to-earn scene. 

Coin Hunt World

Another minigame, ‘Coin Hunt World’, follows the ‘Pokémon GO’ structure. 

Pick up keys and open vaults as you move around your city. Inside the vaults are trivia questions. Completing these will earn you crypto! 


If you really want to maximize your productivity, you might want to install Stepn

The game is simple, but satisfying. Collect NFT sneakers, and use them to earn crypto while you walk or run. 

You could use this in combination with Coin Hunt World, for a really interesting augmented reality experience!
However, Stepn require an initial investment that can be costly, as you will need to buy NFT Sneakers to earn.

Gods Unchained

After the success of the web2 card game ‘Hearthstone’, there was a bit of a gold rush to find its Web3 successor. Now, nearly five years since the game went online, ‘Gods Unchained’ has finally cemented itself as the successor. 

There are, of course, a plethora of crypto based card games that use NFTs to make cards tradeable and sellable.

However, there’s only one ‘Gods Unchained’. Gameplay-wise, this game is not lacking, but it’s in the secondary market where it really shines. 

Imagine playing in a digital tournament with NFT cards which you only paid a few dollars for, and winning cards worth $50 or more! 

The only downside is that it has more controlled RNG (random number generator ) elements than Hearthstone, and so success will be largely based on the player’s skill. 

If you are looking to mindlessly grind– or aren’t into card games– this isn’t the pick for you.

Real Estate Games

There are even more real estate-based games than card games! Something about being a digital landlord seems to really appeal to Web3 game designers. 

A clear leader hasn’t really emerged in any of these games. The best advice would simply be to pick the one where the gameplay loops and general aesthetic are most appealing to you. 

Just like the physical real estate market, it’s incredibly difficult to pick which investments will stagnate and which will skyrocket. Instead, let’s just look at the facts and go from there. 

City States: Medieval

City States: Medieval’ draws on the tried and true models of building an empire and engaging in wars for resources and territory. 

Its inbuilt crypto currency is HEX, which has proven to be stable and the game is expecting growth.

My Neighbour Alice

A cutesy real estate game reminiscent of ‘Animal Crossing’, players in ‘My Neighbour Alice’ interact with neighbors, develop their properties, and complete daily quests to earn Alice Tokens. 

This game has an established player base and is growing slowly and steadily. Alice Tokens are stable and expected to grow sustainably in the long term. 

The Sandbox

Web3 Minecraft? That’s the mission statement of ‘The Sandbox’. 

Players who enjoy open-ended play and community-driven events will enjoy this game. 

If you enjoy trading real estate or are a talented voxel artist, you can find yourself earning a lot of SAND tokens– which are likely to also be a stable investment. 


Finally, we come to the well-known ‘Decentraland’. 

You can buy digital land rights in this game, or be hired by the developers for a small amount of Mana tokens and act as an NPC such as an Event Organiser or Casino Host. 

It’s a unique way to earn in-game currency for sure, and many smaller games are popping up within Decentraland. 

It is a space that is expected to grow, pitched as the Web3 version of ‘Second Life’. 


Finally we come to the oldest metaverse of them all: The MMO. 

The two most recommended MMOs to buy into are ‘DeFi Kingdoms’, and ‘Alien Worlds’. 

Both of these games have real estate in them, but they center around classic MMO mechanics, such as questing, fighting, warring, and exploration. 

If you’re an MMO vet then you will already know the basic skills, and will have a simple time adapting to the new generation of games. 

It is generally considered that both of the games above have considerable room for growth, and a slow but powerful momentum behind them. Therefore, investing in either of them is likely to work out well, especially in the long term (five years or more).

How to Measure the Success of Your Play-To-Earn Efforts

There are two ways to measure the success of play-to-earn efforts. 

The easiest way is the accumulation of your crypto bag indeed.

The second type of reward you can garner from play-to-earn gaming is a little bit harder to measure, but sometimes very lucrative. 

This is the amassing of NFTs. 

Whether these NFTs are in-game items, creatures, cards, real estate, or even whole planets in the case of ‘Alien Worlds’, all NFTs can become incredibly valuable. 

These unique assets can grow exponentially as the market for them increases.  

Take, for example, the physical trading card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’. It famously has a card printed in its first expansion called ‘Black Lotus’. 

A mint condition ‘Black Lotus’ broke the record in 2021 for the most expensive trading card ever sold at auction, selling for $511,100 (plus $250 shipping) on eBay. 

You could be sitting on a veritable ‘Black Lotus’ if you have a rare NFT from a popular video game. Be warned, though: It can be hard to know you have a treasure ahead of time, and speculating on NFTs is often a disappointing bust. 

In Conclusion

Wrapping up, let’s quickly go over everything we’ve covered. 

To start with, you are going to need a crypto wallet, as well as the knowledge of how to convert your holdings into different currencies (both crypto, and fiat). 

Next, you’re going to need to choose games that suit your needs. 

You’ll also want to find a few different games that are easy to fit into the flow of your daily routine, or pick one game with a great amount of longevity to invest yourself in. 

Have a think about whether you’d like to align yourself with a card game, an open world real estate game, or an MMO!

Finally, two quick reminders: 

  • Play-to-earn should never replace your job 

Play-to-earn is supposed to be a fun addition to a game that improves its gameplay and rewards players. You should be enjoying it, too; if it’s becoming a chore, then it may no longer be for you.

  • Beware of get-rich-quick schemes

If a game’s developers are promising you will get rich from playing– it’s a scam. 

Historically, the world of NFT’s and cryptocurrencies has been rife with scammers and ponzi-schemers, so be aware! This is especially true when considering spending a lot of money buying into a game.

If you made it to the end of the article, great! You should know all you need about how to get into play-to-earn crypto. 

Don’t forget, in the ever-expanding world of Web3, you can find other platforms that reward you for your engagement, like that reward you for watching and interacting with the content.
As you explore the exciting world of crypto gaming, don’t forget to take breaks, sit back, enjoy some videos, and continue earning rewards with

Jump in, have fun, and watch your digital assets stack up! 


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