Earneo 2022 Recap

It’s time to review what happened in 2022 at Earneo. While 2021 was a positive year for the crypto ecosystem, 2022 was a more challenging year due to the bear market caused by geopolitical tensions and record inflation worldwide.

The Impact of the Hack and Delisting of RNO

Earneo experienced significant growth in 2021, growing from 1,000 to 90,000 registered users. However, the global tensions in 2022 affected our performance. Despite a promising start in January with the launch of RNO on PancakeSwap, a hack on our staking pool in February caused significant damage, leading to the need to swap the token and rebuild the staking pool, and ultimately resulting in the decision to delist RNO from the exchange.

The War in Ukraine and its Impact on Development

The ongoing war in Ukraine also had a significant impact on Earneo’s development. With a significant portion of our development team located in Ukraine, it was challenging for them to work under these conditions. This affected our ability to build as planned and resulted in delays in the launch of the new version of Earneo.tube, which took three months longer than expected.

A Difficult Year in the Crypto Market

Additionally, the crypto market, along with other industries, experienced an unprecedented crisis. Companies such as 3AC, Luna, Celsius, Voyager, and FTX had a negative impact on the market and caused panic in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. As a result, the re-listing of RNO has yet to take place.

New Features and Optimizations

Despite the difficulties, we were able to deliver several new features, including an XP system, referral program, creator monetization, creator analytics, and wallet connection. We also launched an entire new front end ( design ) for Earneo.tube and greatly optimized the platform’s architecture to make it more scalable and stable. We also addressed early bugs, including recurring issues with monetization disconnections. While this may not be perceptible to end users, we have successfully lowered the operational costs of the platform thanks to the use of decentralised storage and several technical improvements.

2022 in Numbers: Registered Users and Site Traffic

As previously mentioned, we began 2022 with 90,000 registered users. Despite facing challenges throughout the year, we have seen a 40% increase in registered users, reaching 125,000 users by the end of the year. This growth was achieved without marketing campaign and limited presence on social media.

Unfortunately, our site traffic saw a decline compared to the previous year. We experienced a drop from 25 million page views to approximately 10 million in 2022. There are several reasons for this decrease in traffic. One major factor was the delisting of RNO after a hack, which deprived many users of the ability to convert their rewards into fiat currency, potentially causing some to stop using Earneo.Tube.

Additionally, the migration to the new Earneo.tube and an unplanned migration from Storj to IPFS caused technical difficulties, resulting in regular unavailability of the site and upload system for several weeks. 

Furthermore, we spent a significant amount of time and resources fighting against user farmers who were using bots to farm tokens without being real users, which also impacted traffic.

Positive Developments and Plans for the Future.

Despite these setbacks, we have seen positive developments such as the release of the XP system and creator monetization, which has coincided with increased traffic on the platform. This suggests that our users are receptive to new features, and we anticipate regaining a significant number of users once RNO is relisted.

Despite facing challenges, Earneo.Tube managed to attract 250,000 unique visitors to the platform, with 5,667 channels created and 26,000 videos uploaded. While these numbers are lower than the previous year, video quality has greatly improved. 

As of 3rd January 2023, there are 16340 RNO holders with at least 5 RNO  on Earneo.Tube that cumulate 1,7 Million RNO.

  • 224 users hold more than 1000 RNO
  • 3594 users hold between 100 and 1000 RNO
  • 12531 users hold between 5 and 99 RNO

Those are users that earned tokens via Earneo.tube. Onchain data, show that we have 1111 Holders.

RNO holders have staked as of today 332.4 million tokens, which represents almost 50% of the total supply. If we subtract RNO reserve 58,5m, RNO Staking reward 75m, this is 70% of the available supply which is staked for a year on average.

RNO Staking

Some stats from Google Analytics :

We can see that in the last 12 months, Earneo.tube had 212,434 unique visitors, which accumulated 9.4 million page views.

Based on Google Analytics data, traffic on Earneo.tube is coming from the following countries:

  1. Brazil
  2. India
  3. Philippines
  4. Turkey
  5. Russia
  6. United States
  7. Ukraine
  8. Italy
  9. Indonesia
  10. Netherlands

This aligns with our observations within our community, where Brazilians are the most active users on Earneo.tube, as well as on our Telegram and Discord channels.

What to expect in 2023 

Now that most of the technical issues are behind us, the new Earneo.tube is running smoothly, and our Android and iOS mobile apps are live, it’s time for Earneo to move up a gear.

Attracting more creators to Earneo

Our goal is to attract more creators to Earneo, with a focus on those who have difficulty monetizing their content on other platforms. Earneo was built with the purpose of providing a platform where everyone can be fairly rewarded for their work and creativity.

We are determined to accomplish this mission in 2023.

In order to achieve these goals, we will quickly launch advertisements on the platform, which will serve to compensate creators and viewers, as well as allow Earneo to be financially sustainable.

While our main focus will be to attract more people to Earneo, we have many features in the pipeline. One of them is an option that will make it easier for creators to migrate their videos to Earneo. Of course, this is just a glimpse of the features that will be released throughout the year.

Community involvement and rewards

In order to continue to growth, we need the support and participation of our community. This will play a key role in Earneo’s success. That is why this year we will put more work into growing and strengthening our community.

Our community members are important, and we want them to participate in the growth of Earneo. That’s why we will launch a system that will allow them to be even more active in the growth of Earneo while being rewarded, stay tuned.

New blog for increased SEO traffic

This post will also mark the launch of Earneo Blog. When analyzing traffic behavior on Earneo.tube, we noticed that very few people found our platform via search engines. 99% of our users discovered Earneo via social networks, our marketing in 2021, or even better, word of mouth.

While many would be satisfied with achieving 10 million page views per year without search engine traffic, we believe there is significant room for improvement via an SEO strategy. It may seem unusual for a video sharing platform to have a blog, but it is a logical step to increase our visibility on search engines and positively impact our medium-term results.

RNO listing

One crucial aspect for the success of Earneo will be the listing of the RNO on exchanges. 2022 has been a difficult year for the crypto market, and while we did not make some community members happy, we thought it was best to wait for better days.
The market in early 2023 seems to be starting on a positive note, we are confident that we will find an opportunity to do so in the near future.

To conclude

Although 2022 was a challenging year for Earneo, we believe we have established a solid foundation for success and are prepared to face any obstacles in the future. We have ambitious plans and are committed to bringing them to fruition.

Stay tuned with all the exciting developments to come!


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